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    Super Mondays Suck

    Super Mondays suck. I absolutely love having my husband home for a long weekend and so do the boys. However, the day he goes back is always pure hell. Today has been no exception.  It’s been

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    Bedtime Sucks

    You know those kids who can fall asleep any time, anywhere? Yea, those aren’t my kids. I honestly don’t think my kids have ever fallen asleep anywhere but their beds and the (extremely) rare car

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    Sweet Organization

    We moved into a new house a few months ago. For the most part, things have been going pretty smoothly with the transition. The main thing that has bothered me is the lack of organization in the

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    New Daddy Survival Kit

    A week ago, I posted a teaser photo on Instagram of a birthday gift I was giving. At the time I didn’t explain what it was. Lucky for you, the time has arrived. Anyone who truly knows me, knows

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    Meet the Artists

    In the height of my sickness, my children surprised me with art. They found some crayons that apparently weren’t in hiding, and drew me a nice photo while I was in the bathroom. My oldest is so

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    New Year, Same Sickness

    I admit there’s been silence around these parts. I wish I could say we’ve been having a blast. Alas, I cannot. We have been hit by the plaque; well actually the flu. It started with our oldest