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    Jurassic Quest

    A few months ago I discovered that Jurassic Quest was coming to our state. Of course we were going to take our dinosaur obsessed child.  I wasn’t sure how the event would work. There wasn’t a

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    Leftover Dilemma Day One

    Yesterday we had our youngest son baptized. In pure laziness, we decided to get the lunch we hosted catered by Chipotle. If you have not done this before, do it. Chipotle made it so simplistic and

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    $299 Diono Black Friday Bundle $800 Value!

    Have you been dying for a diono car seat and stroller? Well you’re in luck. They are currently running an amazing special. For $299 you can get the RXT car seat (in shadow) AND the quantum

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    Super Mondays Suck

    Super Mondays suck. I absolutely love having my husband home for a long weekend and so do the boys. However, the day he goes back is always pure hell. Today has been no exception.  It’s been

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    Bedtime Sucks

    You know those kids who can fall asleep any time, anywhere? Yea, those aren’t my kids. I honestly don’t think my kids have ever fallen asleep anywhere but their beds and the (extremely) rare car

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    Sweet Organization

    We moved into a new house a few months ago. For the most part, things have been going pretty smoothly with the transition. The main thing that has bothered me is the lack of organization in the