Some of you know that I am a die hard Harry Potter fan. So much that our playroom is Harry Potter theme. We have done a lot to the playroom already. We had existing shelving to display some of our kids books (definitely not all of them – we have a lot). Since our playroom is Harry Potter theme, naturally the book shelves should be Flourish and Blotts. Making the sign was pretty easy actually. I again, did not spend any money on this project. We had all the items on hand. This is one time being a craft supply hoarder pays off.


  1. Paint – I had light green, dark green, light grey, and dark grey.
  2. Wood Board – We had this left over from a project we did in our mudroom.
  3. Stain – We had many sample cans from various projects. Picking the stain color we wanted to use was the hardest part.
  4. White Card Stock – I used my Circuit to cut the letters out. However, I could have used a stencil.
  5. Tea
  6. Mod Podge – I like the matte finish personally.

What I did:

img_8025I started with the wooden board. Tim found a tutorial about how to age a board. We tried it. It didn’t quite work out the way we intended but the board does look nice.





To age the board, we used the paint and painted parts of the board. Then, Tim took a power sander and sanded the board. It took away just enough of the paint.img_8027


After that came the stain. We just stained the board like we would normally do. Where the paint is, the stain didn’t take. Therefore aging the board a bit.


After the letters were cut out, I brewed some tea. I used it to age the letters by turning them an off white. I tried the off-white, yellow, and goldenrod card stock I had on hand but it just did not look right. Once the letters were dried, I used Mod Podge to glue them onto the board.


The whole thing took a few days – mostly letting the stain dry before moving on. It was quick and easy. The final product looks very nice.