When I went to bed last night it was pretty clear who the winner of the presidential election would be – even though a winner hadn’t been announced yet. Although the outcome is not what I had hoped for, I am not about to be so angry I will spread hate and anger. There’s enough of that out there right now.

This outcome was a very real possibility ever since Trump was selected as the Republican candidate. Both candidates had significant shortcomings and I know many who were extremely and deeply disappointed in the selection we were given. Even through all the emotions I feel, I am going to try to be the best person, parent, and citizen I can be.

Today I decided I will spread love and hope. I will choose to respect and love everyone for who they are – regardless of if I agree with them or their choices. I cannot change them but I can certainly respect and love them. I will choose to teach my sons the same.

I will choose to be happy that I live in a place where I could cast a vote. I will choose to have this motivate me to teach my sons about government on a much deeper level than I originally intended.

Most importantly, I will pray for America. I will pray that we can limp along for four years until we (hopefully) have a better selection of people to choose from. I will also pray that we as a nation somehow find a way to become united.

Here’s hoping that the next four years will fly by without many incidences and poor policies. I suppose time will tell if electing Trump was a good idea or not.