Tonight I got a chance to finally update my kids baby books. I thought I had one started for Alex but I lied to myself. I would love to say it is because I have been busy (which is very true) but it’s more likely due to “second child syndrome.” Luckily for me I received a Polka Dot Baby Book not too long ago.


Confession time: I am a stationary addict. I collect paper, cards, books, notebooks, pens – if its related to stationary, I am addicted to it. This makes it very difficult for me to commit to any baby book. In fact, James has two baby books. I couldn’t decide which one I loved more (Tim didn’t have a preference between the two) so I just got both. In hindsight, not such a great idea. Now I have two baby books to update for one kid and none for the other kid.


I have to say that I love the book I received from Polka Dot Print Shop. To paraphrase Elizabeth Barrett Browning, “Why do I love this baby book? Let me count the ways:”

  1. The crazy cute design. I am a sucker for gender neutral items. Although this particular book was most likely designed for a boy, the combination of hues of blue and grey are suitable for any gender.
  2. The amount of pages for photos and memorabilia is amazing. I have a hard time throwing away keepsakes and this book has enough space for everything I kept.IMG_1190
  3. The book has pages for 1w, 2w, 3w, 1month all the way up to a year. It also has a specific space for recording memories of the first birthday.
  4. It has unusual milestones. There are the typical ones (first smile, rolled over, etc.) but also some unusual ones (sat supported, sat unsupported, blew a kiss). It is nice to be prompted to record firsts that you don’t necessarily think of right away.
  5. It has a page for first outings. Restaurant, vacation, park, night away from mommy and daddy – all first outings that are easily forgotten to be recorded. All of these are such a sweet reminder on how fast time flies. I love that this is part of the book.
  6. The binding. Is it strange to love the binding? Probably, but I don’t care. I love being able to fold the cover over and easily (and comfortably) write in the book. I don’t have to take over our kitchen table just to record something in the book.IMG_1189

This baby book is amazing. I am so happy that I stumbled upon Polka Dot Print Shop. I highly recommend these books for any parent. If you’re in the market for a baby book (these do make amazing baby shower/gifts by the way), check out Polka Dot Print Shop. You can locate them on Etsy here or instagram here.



*Disclaimer: I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% mine.