Teething has hit us hard. Alex is getting 4 – yes FOUR – teeth at once. Goodness. Give this kid (and us) a break! We struggled with how to provide relief for him. With James, we used a certain teething tablet (which I will not name) but due to the recall of the product, we decided it is best to look into alternatives. We have been using Wink Naturals Puresleep and Breathe Chest Rub for a while now. So, I was excited to find out that they make a teething gel.

This teething gel is so weirdly amazing.

This teething gel is unlike those that are currently on the market. Wink Naturals is committed to 100% safe, effective, and natural drug free products. Going with this, the COOL Gums Teething Gel is free of benzocaine and belladona. You may be wondering how it works then. Well lucky for you, I wondered the same thing.

I purchased some COOL Gums Teething Gel to try on myself. You heard that right, on myself. I am not one to experiment with my child. So, when the teething gel arrived, I tried it first. I do not have any issues with my gums or teeth but I also know that I would get a sense of what my son would experience regardless.

It is unlike those that are currently on the market.

Let me just tell you that this stuff is so weirdly amazing. It is hard to explain how it feels. It doesn’t necessarily take away any pain but rather deflects your attention away from pain. When I tried it, it created a nice soothing and refreshing feeling. The peppermint is what I focused on. It didn’t numb the area or my tongue. This is something that I personally hate about benzocaine or belladona based products.

I was so impressed that I immediately decided to try it on Alex. He loves it as much as I do. It provides instant and lasting relief for him. He loves the taste too. He doesn’t fight us when we try to use it. Rather he loves it so much he wants to just eat the whole thing. I suppose that can be considered a pro and a con for this product. I am very delighted with the COOL Gums Teething Gel and I am happy to report that Wink Naturals is giving two of my readers a chance to win a tube for themselves. You can enter below using the Rafflecopter or via my Instagram page. If you simply cannot wait to see if you won (and you shouldn’t because I guarantee you will love it and want more), check out Wink Naturals website to buy some.

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