Tim and I rarely do things for ourselves. If we have a choice between putting extra money into savings or spending it on pretty much anything, we tend to choose putting it into savings. Recently we decided to do a few things for ourselves. First up was the back splash in the kitchen. Next is our master bedroom.

Can you see a theme? We may be doing some things for ourselves but we aren’t spending as crazy as we could (or one of us may like). We’ve compromised and I have to say I am a little excited.

Our decorating style is very different – think polar opposites. Couple that with the fact that I actually suck at decorating and you have a recipe for distress. Luckily my friend Brittany is amazing at decorating. I’ve been leaning on her a lot for advice. So far Tim and I have been on track for creating a nice master bedroom. We’ve had to make some tweaks but I’m so excited.


We upgraded to a king bed from a queen. This required a new mattress (which I’ve never picked out before) and a bed frame (again, I’ve never picked out before). We also switched out our night stands.

Recently we have been focusing on wall color. We were originally thinking gray. That was quickly changed when we decided on a few major pieces – bed frame, night stands, etc. It was back to the drawing board. After some brainstorming, we decided on purple.


We ended up getting some sample paint from the hardware store. Once our bed frame arrives, I think we will be able to make a decision on color. We’ve already omitted the bright purple. It’s too bright for what we are going for. We are leaning towards the darker purple color. Hopefully the bed frame arrives soon because I am very excited to get the next step completed.