Our house cannot catch a break. We are constantly sick. Alex caught yet another cold last week. He was absolutely miserable. This week I have had a nice (yeah right) head cold. I am ready for us to be a little less sick in this house.

I had been struggling with what to do about both Alex and my breathing. Vicks isn’t something I would like to use on such a young child – even through it was approved by our pediatrician. Luckily my friend Jackie reminded me that she gave us some Wink Naturals Puresleep and Breathe Chest Rub a while back. I had put it in our children’s medicine cabinet and forgot I had it. Once again I am thankful for friends.

This chest rub can be used as a congestion relief as well as a sleep aide. I haven’t used it as a sleep aide, so I cannot attest to the effectiveness of that use. However, I can say that it works amazingly well as a congestion relief aide. The eucalyptus oil within the chest rub is the primary ingredient that relieves congestion.

Let me make this clear: It smells wonderful. I’ve completed errands while using the chest rub and not once wondered if someone was thinking “man, that woman smells horrible.” Within one night both Alex and I were breathing significantly better. We still are not completely healthy but the chest rub has helped a lot. I can actually fall asleep at night instead of tossing and turning. I can tell Alex breathing isn’t as labored and the congestion that kept him up at night is pretty much gone. I am going to have to purchase more since we put a dent in our supply.

If you’re interested in trying some yourself, you can purchase directly from Wink Naturals here. If you’re feeling lucky, you can enter for a chance to win a chest rub using the Rafflecopter below. Make sure to visit my Instagram page for another chance to win. Wink Naturals has graciously given my not one but TWO Puresleep and Breathe Chest Rub to give away to TWO people. What a wonderful company!


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