I know, I know. It has been a long time since I have blogged. I would love to say life has been busy in a positive way. However, that would be somewhat of a lie. The biggest reason I haven’t been blogging is because of what has been going on with my son James. I struggled for a long time if this is something I should consider writing about. I decided that our journey may be something that not only others may be interested in, but may help others. Since this involved medical history of our child, I also wanted to ensure that Tim would be on board with me sharing our story. Thankfully he agreed that this is something that should be written about.

You may be wondering what has been going on. Since Alex was born, Tim and I have noticed a decline in communication/language from James. We watched him closely and had many conversations with his doctor. At the age of 2, we had his ears flushed. As gross as this is, James has always had a crazy amount of ear wax. I clean his ears at least once a day. We thought that perhaps cleaning his ears would aide him in his language and communication development.

It appeared the flushing worked. His language improved. We were very happy. That is until a few weeks later. After a few weeks his hearing, language, and communication declined drastically. At that time we opted to get his hearing tested, an assessment from the school district, and an assessment from the local children’s hospital.

It was discovered that he had minimal to no vibration of his right ear drum. His left ear drum was normal. We also found out that he is classified with a severe delay in both motor and language development due to the issues with his hearing. Although this was not the news we had hoped for, we were happy that we finally were getting answers and a plan in place.

James started weekly speech therapy visits at the local children’s hospital, weekly visits by the school district for motor and language development, and many specialist visits. As his communication slowly improved, his hearing did not. After 6 weeks of medicine to attempt to clear some blockage and pressure, James had another hearing test. It was determined that there was no improvement.

James underwent surgery to place tubes into his ears last week. We have noticed an improvement with his hearing and somewhat with his speech. We are hopeful that this will help. We go back in three weeks for another hearing test to determine if the tubes did their job. Until then, we are doing once a month visits with the school district and weekly visits to the local children’s hospital. I can already see that this is going to be a long journey. It is not something that we hoped for. However, we are determined to get our son the help he deserves.