Yesterday would have been James’ trip to the speech therapist. Instead we went for a walk, then to a friends house, and finally hung at home. Sounds like a nice day, although I’d much rather him have had speech therapy.


Children’s of Minnesota and Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN have terminated their contract. We knew this was a possibility but hoped that they would resolve the issue. We opted not to move to a different rehab center. James has just started trusting and interacting with his speech therapist. We didn’t want to risk starting all over just to find out a deal had been reached.

We did opt to file for an exception. Meaning he would be allowed to continue care with his current speech therapist without us having to pay out of pocket. We haven’t heard back if our application was accepted or not.


I’m upset that both the hospital and insurance company are fighting over a few cents reimbursement, while there are children who desperately need treatment. We are very fortunate that we only use speech services and that James has some communication. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like if our child had to have treatment multiple times a week or would very much suffer. My heart breaks for all the kids and parents who are effected due to the greed of both the hospital and insurance company. I am hopeful that an agreement will be reached soon. Until then I will work at home with James.