Let me make this clear: it is not okay to comment about a person’s weight. Period. The end.


Unless you’re that person or their doctor, you have no idea what their physical state is. Unless you are that person or their friend, you have no idea if they are trying to lose weight. Unless you’re that person, you have no idea how that person feels about their body.


Today I was called “cubbers” by a man. I won’t go into details about what happened but I would like to say I feel bad for you. I feel bad that you are so unhappy with yourself that you feel the need to bring others down. I feel bad that you feel the need to comment on others appearance. What you find attractive and what others find attractive are much different. I feel bad for your kids. They will grow up thinking anything but your ideal body is ugly.


The main thing I’d love for you to know is I love my body. This body has carried me through 29 years of life. It has taken me through childhood, adolescent, high school, college, and quite far into adulthood. It has suffered due to lack of sleep and food while I worked multiple jobs and pushed myself through school. It has taken me through 7 years with an amazing man. It has gone through three pregnancies and birthed two babies completely unmedicated. It has survived two years of parenthood and many more to come. It is a power house and it continues to amaze me every day.


Sure, you made me sad for a bit. You made me think of all the things I hate about my body for a minute. I won’t let you make me feel bad. Instead I’ll focus on all the amazing things my body has done. One day I hope you are happy. Until then, stop commenting on others appearance.