James has been attending an ECFE class to help his verbal skills. During the class, the parents separate and have a parent class. So far this year there hasn’t been much that I’ve learned during the parent class but it has been nice to hang out without the kids and talk to other parents.

Logic doesn’t make it any easier. Logic doesn’t take away any of the feelings. 

Today’s lesson was about language development. The parent educator gave handouts and talked about language development. According to the handout James is at a 6-15 month range – which isn’t accurate. He’s had recent testing due to his 3rd birthday coming up. While he’s clearly still behind and qualifies for services, he is far beyond the 6-15 month range that handout claims he’s at.

Reading that handout filled me with sadness. Every parent was talking about how their 3 year olds were now telling stories, asking parents to define words, etc. etc. etc. I love hearing that other children are succeeding. I think it’s amazing to see the happiness and pride on parents faces when they tell a story about their child. James just has a long way to go before he reaches this point. It makes me sad thinking of where he should be and where he is at. It makes me sad thinking of all the challenges he has faced, is facing, and will face.

I logically know that every kid is different. I logically know that there is a wide range of normal. I logically know that I cannot compare my child to another. Logic doesn’t make it easier. It doesn’t take away any of the feelings. I am holding onto the fact that James will someday be in the “normal range.” Until then we will continue working hard to get him where he should be.