Today I realized that I’m a horrible millennial mom. I don’t have Amazon Prime nor have I ever ordered groceries to be delivered to the house. This has to change ASAP.

I’ve been struggling grocery shopping since we moved. I’ve just been running out when necessary. The main problem with this is that instead of a 10 min drive to the store, it’s a 20 min drive with two small kids. I’m over it. I don’t have time.

I’m trying out Instacart tonight. Shopping was a breeze. I was able to knock out my whole list in 30 minutes. It won’t be delivered until tomorrow since I ordered it so late but I can’t wait! I’m excited to get that time back. Time to play with my kids. Time to unpack. Time for…well anything but grocery shopping.

First stop Instacart; next amazon Prime. Well, maybe not. Pretty sure my wallet cannot handle that addiction.