I admit there’s been silence around these parts. I wish I could say we’ve been having a blast. Alas, I cannot. We have been hit by the plaque; well actually the flu.

It started with our oldest and quickly spread to little brother and Dad. Luckily I was the last man standing for over a week. I got many cuddles from all my favorite guys. Many movies and just lounging around were our activities; very low key and just what the boys needed.

I am a little sad that we did not get to celebrate New Years with the kids. Typically we do a “Noon Years” celebration for the kids. We also passed up James’ birthday – which makes me very sad. I am hoping we can celebrate his birthday by going to Sea Life soon – his love for fish is unwavering.

As soon as everyone started feeling better, I got hit hard. Of course this happened as soon as my husband had to return to work. Great timing. I’ve just started feeling better. Even though I know better, I hope this is the last sickness we have all winter. I’m over cold season.