A week ago, I posted a teaser photo on Instagram of a birthday gift I was giving. At the time I didn’t explain what it was. Lucky for you, the time has arrived.

Anyone who truly knows me, knows I love to give gifts. I’m constantly making mental notes about things people say in passing or conversations. When it comes time to give gifts, I usually have plenty to choose from. I pride myself at giving gifts that the giftee would actually like and use.

When it comes to my brother, he’s extremely difficult to buy for. He usually buys everything he wants. When you ask for ideas one of two things will happen:

1. The price far exceeds your limit.
2. It’s for work.

I know, I know. I could problem solve number one by giving cash or a gift card. How boring is it to open cash or a gift card? I also find it boring to get things for work. It’s no fun opening a present for work (or buying/wrapping it).

This always leads me to be creative. This year is no exception. Since him and his wife are expecting their first little one, I made him a “New Daddy Survival Kit.”


This gift was so much fun to buy and make things. I started with a Home Depot Homer bucket. I ended up painting it white. After I started painting it, I found out Home Depot sells white buckets. I should have just bought that. Regardless, I put a red plus sign (inspired by the Red Cross logo) and wrote “New Daddy Survival Kit.”


Now, the perfectionist in me hates that I waited until the day before giving the gift to start the bucket. My handwriting sucks and I would have loved to use my Circut to cut the words out. Time crunch got me down. I also had some problems with the red and white paint. Oh well. It ended up turning out just fine. I’m sure my brother got rid of the bucket right after opening the gift.


I stuffed it with a bunch of baby essentials and some fun things for daddy. Below is a list of all the goodies and where to find them. I was also blessed with a photo of my brother all dressed up. Enjoy!


1. Home Depot Homer Bucket
2. Seventh Generation Diapers
3. Seventh Generation Wipes
4. Reese and Luke Baby Balm
5. “Worlds Okayest Dad” shirt
6. Kids Embrace Batman Deluxe Baby Carrier
7. Safety Goggles
8. Ear Plugs
9. Gloves
10. Mask
11. Tyvek Coverall
12. Dickies Tool Belt
13. Honest Company Hand Sanitizer Spray
14. Dr. Smiths Diaper Cream
15. Fred BUFF BABY Dumbbell Baby Rattle
16. BabyBum Diaper Cream Brush
17. Frida Baby Snipperclipper
18. Dream Baby Safety Catches
19. “Baby’s Owners Manual” by Louis Borgenicht and Joe Borgenicht