A few months ago I discovered that Jurassic Quest was coming to our state. Of course we were going to take our dinosaur obsessed child. 

I wasn’t sure how the event would work. There wasn’t a lot of info online but the few photos I saw were amazing. I also got mixed reviews when I asked my local mom group if attending was worth the time and money. Let me tell you, this event was worth every penny. 


We were greeted by robotic dinosaurs. Our kids basked in all the dino glory. They loved picking out their favorite dinosaurs and showing us. 



After 30 minutes or so, our 2 year old decided the dinosaurs were scary. I’m honestly not surprised – they were quite realistic. We were able to turn the day around when I saw the sand table. 


After the sand table, we tried the fossil dig. We ended up bringing the block home. We tried to break open the block for about 10 minutes before giving up. There’s no way our 3 and 2 year old could have done it. 


Side note: when we opened them, we decided to soak them in water for 5 minutes before going at it. This made it possible for our kids to open the blocks themselves. They loved all their treasures and spent the rest of the night playing with them. 


We ended the day by allowing them to pick out a toy from the gift shop. I was pleasantly surprised by not only the selection, but the prices too. I thought the prices of most of the items were on par with big box stores like Target; except the selection blew those stores away. 


We tried almost everything offered – except the science station and large dinosaur rides. There were about 6 bounce houses, countless robotic dinosaurs to look at and take pictures with, larger dinosaur rides, small dinosaur rides (for children 3 and under), baby dinosaur petting area, walking dinosaurs, science station, fossil dig, sandbox fossil dig, and a small area for kids to sit and run around. All the stations kept us busy for over 3 hours.


Our event was super busy. I’m sure part of it was due to the snow storm we were supposed to get later that day and the fact we went on a Saturday. I was thoroughly impressed with how quickly the lines for everything moved. We didn’t stand in line for anything for very long. 


If you’re on the fence about attending Jurassic Quest, I recommend going. I also recommend splurging for the VIP kid ticket. It includes unlimited everything and as long as your child does at least 3 extra stations (like the bounce houses or any of the rides) it pays for itself. If you opt to buy the general admission ticket for your child, you can pay $5 per time to do any extra station. Jurassic Quest also allows you to upgrade your ticket at the door. You just have to pay the difference in price.