There are a lot of perks to various baby registries. The one I love the most is registry gift bags. Its frustrating when people tell new parents “what works for us may not work for you” – however true that is. These registry bags are filled with sample items (and if you’re lucky full size products) and coupons. This is the perfect way to try out various things to determine what will work best for you or your little one. 

I just received my registry bag from Amazon Baby Registry. This particular bag has exceeded my exceptions. Qualifying and ordering one is simple. 

  1. Have an Amazon Prime account – remember you can sign up for a free 30 day trial. 
  2. Start an Amazon registry. 
  3. Add items from the categories as described by amazon. 
  4. You (or someone else) needs to make a $10+ purchase from the registry. 
  5. You’ll get a code that allows you to order the box with free shipping. 

Items in the box vary. Below is what I received and any thoughts:

  1. Amazing Baby Muslin Swaddle – I haven’t used a Muslim swaddle before. So I am excited to try this out. The print is perfectly gender neutral and cute. 
  2. Hudson Baby Lovey – I haven’t used this particular brand before. My two oldest didn’t like this type of lovey. However, every kid is different. We’ll see if Baby Anderson likes this when he gets here. 
  3. Pampers Diaper and Wipe Sample – Pampers diapers did not work for my two oldest boys. They didn’t fit right and ended up leaking. I do know that every diaper fits each kid differently. So I am interested to see if these diapers work on Baby Anderson. The wipes are great. We’ve loved them with both my kids. 
  4. Honest Company Diapers and Wipe Samples – These are going to a shelter or mom in need. I severely dislike the Honest Company in general, but their wipes and diapers always give my kids rashes. The only redeeming factor for me is how thick the wipes are. Again, not worth using for us if our kids are going to develop a rash. 
  5. Water Wipes – I absolutely love these wipes. They work amazing and I love the simple ingredients. 
  6. Dreft Detergent – We actually do not use liquid detergent in our washing machine. I do love using this detergent for items I hand wash. It works well and my kids don’t have any adverse reactions to it.
  7. Cetaphil Wash and Shampoo – I haven’t used this before. I’m interested in seeing how our kids do with it and how well it works. 
  8. Avent Bottle and Nursing Pads – I haven’t used either of these before. I’m excited to try them out. 

I have a few other baby registry bags/boxes on order (or sitting here waiting) to do posts on. If anyone has recommendations on boxes or bags I should check out, let me know.