Yesterday I posted a quick review of the Amazon Baby Registry Box I received (the post can be found here). Today I will do a quick review of Targets Baby Registry Bag.


You can start a Target Baby Registry online or in store. I personally like to start my registries online and then complete them in store. Once your registry is started, you will have to go to Target guest services to request a bag. My Target makes you pull up your registry either via the app on your phone or their computers. They also make you sign a sheet of paper verifying that you’ve requested a bag. I am aware that this is not true for all Targets.

Again, the contents of the bag can vary. Below are the samples that I received in my bag.

  1. Pampers Wipes and Diaper Sample –  Pampers diapers did not work the best for my two oldest. They constantly leaked. I know that every diaper fits each kid differently. So I am curious to see if they fit this little one. The wipes are amazing.
  2. Up & Up Diapers – We are currently exclusive with Up & Up diapers for my oldest two. Again, every diaper fits each kid differently. A few more weeks and I will discover which diaper works best for this one.
  3. Honest Company Diapers and Wipes – If you read my previous post, you know I do not like The Honest Company. These diapers and wipes are headed to a mother in need. Not only do I dislike the company, the diapers and wipes, without fail, give my kids a rash. The only redeeming factor is how thick the wipes are.
  4. Dr. Browns Bottle – I have not used this brand of bottle before.
  5. Palmer’s Stretch Mark Cream – Is it weird to say that I have haven’t used a stretch mark cream before? I definitely have stretch marks, I have a hard time remembering to use it.
  6. Aveeno Baby – This works amazing for my kids. I am excited to see if it works as well with Baby Anderson.
  7. MAM Pacifier – This is the only paci that Wyatt ever took. Monroe hated pacifiers. One particular thing I like about these pacis is that they are shaped the same way the nipple of their bottles are shaped.
  8. Lansinoh Breast Pads and Milk Storage Bags – I prefer reusable nursing pads for several reasons. However, I do keep some one time use pads on hand. I have a lot of reusable ones, but sometimes I am lazy with laundry – read: tired – and it’s nice to have these on hand as a backup. The storage bags are very nice. I haven’t had any leaking issues with these and will buy a bunch more to have on hand.

The best part of this particular registry bag is the coupons. These vary from time to time. Every little bit of savings helps and Target gives you a wide variety of coupons in their bag – including those for sample products and products not included in the bag.