I received a few more baby registry boxes this weekend. Today I’m going to focus on Babylist. If you’re interested, I reviewed Target (here) and Amazon (here) already. 

I heard about Babylist via social media. I followed their social media sites before we knew we were expecting this little one. I loved the idea of being able to add items from anywhere on one registry. You can sync other registries as well. Their website makes is simple to start a registry and add items to it. I found their app easy to use as well.

Even though this is our third child, some people still give gifts. We decided that if someone wanted to gift an item, we should have a registry to tell them what items we still need or want. Regardless, receiving a gift is a treasure and super nice of the gift giver. Being able to hand out info for one registry, when asked for the info, has been nice. 

I hesitated on getting this box for several reasons. The first being that while the box is free, the shipping isn’t. It is $5 for shipping, but you get a $5 Babylist credit. I’m not entirely sure I will use the credit, but if you have things you want to purchase, a $5 credit is a good perk. Second, I was worried this would be filled with the exact same products as Amazon and Target. I was quite happy with the items I received. 


Just a reminder: contents of the boxes can vary. This is what I received in mine and any thoughts I have. 

  1. Pampers Diaper and Wipes: This is the same sample pack that came in Amazon and Target’s bags. Pampers didn’t work for my two oldest. However, every diaper fits each kid differently. It’s nice to have a sample to see which diaper works. 
  2. Huggies Diapers: This is the first time I’ve seen Huggies included in a registry bag/box. I’m happy about this. Huggies were our favorite diapers when our kids were little. 
  3. Evenflo Breast Milk Bags: I haven’t used these before, but they look like amazing quality. This is a new item for a registry bag/box for me. 
  4. Lansinoh Breast Milk Bags and Breast Pads: These have been included in many registry bags I’ve received. I like both the bags and pads. 
  5. Noodle & Boo Newborn Essentials: This is a new registry box item for me. I’m excited to try these items out. 
  6. Green Sprouts Bib: This is a nice bib. We typically don’t use these types of bibs. However, I like the quality of this one. It’s also a new registry box item for me. 
  7. Baby K’Tan Pacifier Pouch: This item is a new registry box item for me. It’s a nice bag that definitely could hold pacifiers or any smaller item you can think of. 
  8. Nanobebe Pacifier and Breast Milk Storage Bags: I’ve seen Nanobebe in ads before, but never in person. These are uniquely shaped, but seem like good quality. The Pacifier is nice too. I’m happy to have received these items. 
  9. Various items: Coupons, Registry Guide, Registry Cards (to let people know you’ve registered with Babylist), etc. 

Overall I am impressed with both Babylist’s registry and the box. I was happy to find unique items. It made the $5 shipping 100% worth it for me. It’s even better if I actually remember to use the credit too.