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  • Emmett’s First Leap

    Emmett has been a fussy mess that doesn’t want to sleep anymore. Once we eliminated all medical possibilities, we started getting extremely frustrated trying to figure out what was going on. Then

  • Babylist Registry Box Review

    I received a few more baby registry boxes this weekend. Today I’m going to focus on Babylist. If you’re interested, I reviewed Target (here) and Amazon (here) already.  I heard about Babylist

  • Target Baby Registry Bag Review

    Yesterday I posted a quick review of the Amazon Baby Registry Box I received (the post can be found here). Today I will do a quick review of Targets Baby Registry Bag. You can start a Target

  • Amazon Baby Registry Box Review

    There are a lot of perks to various baby registries. The one I love the most is registry gift bags. Its frustrating when people tell new parents “what works for us may not work for you” - however

  • Jurassic Quest

    A few months ago I discovered that Jurassic Quest was coming to our state. Of course we were going to take our dinosaur obsessed child.  I wasn’t sure how the event would work. There wasn’t a

  • Leftover Dilemma Day One

    Yesterday we had our youngest son baptized. In pure laziness, we decided to get the lunch we hosted catered by Chipotle. If you have not done this before, do it. Chipotle made it so simplistic and