Lily Jade Diaper Bag Review

First the Disclaimer: Lily Jade did not pay me to write this review nor did they give me product free of charge. I purchased this diaper bag myself.

Those of you that know me, know how much I love purses. I could care less what type of pants or shoes I wear, but I will spend some serious cash on a great bag. When I had James, I had no idea what kind of diaper bag was the best. I did so much research my eyes crossed. I ended up with a pretty great bag, which I still use. However, when I got pregnant with Alex, I needed something bigger – after all, I now have a toddler and a newborn. I began my search again.

There are so many different bags to choose from and so many different needs each bag satisfies. I needed to decide what I needed from a bag first.


I still have no idea how I came across Lily Jade bags. Not one person I know has a diaper bag of theirs. I must have come across this company via a web search. Regardless, I immediately fell in love. I think the task of just picking one of their bags was worse than the initial search that led me to this company. They have so many great bags, it’s insane. I settled on the Elizabeth in navy. It can be found here.

The thing I love the most about Lily Jade bags is how versatile it is. You seriously could use this bag for everything. Do you knit? These bags are amazing for storing yarn and knitting needles. Are you a photographer? These bags make a fantastic camera bag. Don’t have a kid at all? Remove the organizer and use as a typical purse!

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Inside every Lily Jade bag, there is a removable organizer. I have the older style organizer. The newer one they are coming out with has handles (HANDLES!), a few less pockets (although I cannot imagine that negatively effecting use because there is more room inside the organizer), and the ability to stand up itself (seriously how amazing is that?!?!). I am grabbing one of the new organizers as soon as possible! Okay, enough about the new style. The organizer has magnetic clips. These allow you to easily remove the insert and use the bag without it – how cool is that? As you can see, you can fit some serious stuff in that organizer. I tend to keep cups in the pockets on the sides of the bag.


The Elizabeth can be used as a backpack as well. This appealed to me because I babywear a lot. Converting the bag from a cross body to a backpack is quick and simple. The only thing I wish was different with this particular bag is the shoulder straps. It would be nicer if they were a tad longer.

Lily Jade bags currently sell between $180 and $355. Now you may be saying “Well Meg, being a new parent I don’t have that much money to spend on a diaper bag.” To which I reply that Lily Jade bags are made to last. Most diaper bags aren’t made to last for years but Lily Jade bags are. Not only are the majority of their bags leather, which leather bags do cost more, they are carefully and exquisitely crafted. Hold one of their bags in your hands and you will immediately see the difference between a bag that costs $50 and their bags. You will not regret purchasing a bag from this company.

Another thing that is huge for me is the company itself. If you follow their shop and/or founder Meggan you know how much they care not only about their customers, but about those who are making their bags. For me, this goes a long way. They have an amazing warranty on their bags and if you have any issues, they are very quick in responding. I love seeing all the great things this company is up to and look forward to purchasing more bags from them in the future.