• New Year, Same Sickness

    I admit there’s been silence around these parts. I wish I could say we’ve been having a blast. Alas, I cannot. We have been hit by the plaque; well actually the flu. It started with our oldest

  • Insta-Mom

    Today I realized that I’m a horrible millennial mom. I don’t have Amazon Prime nor have I ever ordered groceries to be delivered to the house. This has to change ASAP. I’ve been struggling

  • Average Ranges

    James has been attending an ECFE class to help his verbal skills. During the class, the parents separate and have a parent class. So far this year there hasn’t been much that I’ve learned during

  • Happy First Birthday Grandpa!

    I like to joke with my kids that grandpa is younger than Alex. Truth is Alex is older than Grandpa's heart. Last year my dad went through a quadruple bypass and had a pacemaker put in. As

  • Perfect Score

    Last week we had James’ post surgery hearing test. I am so excited to say that he has perfect hearing! WHOOP! WHOOP! I know we have a long road ahead of us still, but I know that we conquered a

  • Zip & Zoe Mini Backpack Review

    I don’t know about you, but I love it when my kids receive items that are not toys. Yes, toys are fun and bring a lot of joy; but so do non-toy items. My youngest got a Zip & Zoe mini backpack